DevOps: the right team structure!

DevOps: the right team structure!

While working with customers on DevOps, one of the most repeated questions is:  “How should we structure our teams to achieve the benefits of DevOps?”.  The answer, for DevOps practitioner, is no-brainer! It should be Feature Teams or Squads. However, in enterprises the situation is usually more complex. While feature teams resemble the ideal setup … Continue reading


Needless to say, the DevOps movement evolved to enhance collaboration between development and operation teams and to overcome the continuous destructive tension; development strives to push changes to production fast, while operations focuses on production stability. By focusing on creating value to the customer, remove any activity that adds no value to the customer (waste)1 … Continue reading

TIP: Live with rejection

How do you feel when you hear “No”? Most of us feel upset with “No”. We usually take “No” as a humiliation or at least feel bad for getting ourselves in such situations. However, successful people receive “No” differently,but how? Before getting more into this, you need to realize the fact that leads them to … Continue reading

PERSPECTIVE: Just Listen, Always!

“I came to your shop 3 times asking about a spare part for my food processor. Every-time you tell me you’ll call me later, but you never did. What’s wrong with you people?”. I started the conversation at the electronics shop store. “Sir, please check the system log, we’ve called you 3 times, but you … Continue reading

TIP: Who to blame?

If the first thing you hear when something goes wrong is “Who did that?”, then you should know there is something wrong! No I don’t mean what happened, but what is going to happen and how the situation will be handled. Good leaders know that things go wrong, some times for no reason. They know … Continue reading

QUOTATION: Motivation

One way to motivate action, then, is to make people feel as thought they’re already closer to finish line than they might have thought from Switch

REVIEW: Poke the Box

This is not my first reading for Seth Godin. I have before read Linchpin and planning to read The Purple Cow. The book is about being an initiator, it’s about doing something, not giving up early, getting feedback and keep trying. It’s about starting things very often, with dedication and perseverance. The book highlights very inspiring thoughts … Continue reading

GUIDE: Facebook Login with CodeIgniter

I’ve tried to add Facebook Login button to my CodeIgniter application. Since I’m new to both CodeIgniter and Facebook Connect, at least from development aspect, I have looked for existing tutorials.  After research I found that Danny  Herrarn tutorial is the best one. However, I faced a couple of  issues, to which, I found no … Continue reading

REVIEWS: How the Mighty Fall

Just finished listening to the audio version of “How the Mighty Fall”. Another interesting study by Jim Collins. The main idea behind the book is that decline can be avoided, detected and reversed. In this book Jim Collins illustrates how big companies fall; which happens through 5 stages of decline: Stage 1: Hubris Born of … Continue reading


3000 new companies a day are signing up world wide. More than 10 million active users in more than 500,000 companies are currently using it. For only $50/individual/annum, it gives you the ability to handle e-mail, Web hosting, calendars, instant messaging, and standard business applications like word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. It is Google apps. … Continue reading

PERSPECTIVE: Jordan and the World Economic Crisis

It is clear; the largest economy in the world is in the ICU. The American government has been trying everything possible to revive the economy. Nevertheless, more banks have bankrupted and more jobs are lost every day. Dubai as well, has been severely and negatively affected. Real estate prices have dropped at least by 40%, … Continue reading

PERSPECTIVE: Another Hard Start

I agree it is always hard to start with anything new. That is natural, whenever you start with anything that is out of your comfort zone. It is even harder because of having a limited time to finish. In software development, we have new starts, almost every day. Every ticket, task or assignment is usually … Continue reading

PERSPECTIVE: Hammering with a scissor!

How many times you tried to hammer a nail with a scissor? screwdriver? or maybe a shoe!! I have done this a lot, ironically, sometimes it works! I might have faced some difficulties; the nail got bent, I harmed my self, or it took longer than expected. If it was one of my “Unlucky Days”, … Continue reading