PERSPECTIVE: Importance of Sprint Retrospective

One of the four items in Agile Manifesto is: value individuals and interactions over processes and tools And one of the twelve principles induced from the manifesto is: Build projects around motivated individuals, give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done Unfortunately, in practice, most of Scrum … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: Importance of Sprint Retrospective

REVIEW: Web Operations – Keep Data on Time

  If you’re a technician or technical manager working on a large-scale web site reading this book is not an option. This is a must-read book. However,if you don’t work in such environment, don’t bother reading the book! It will be very hard to related and understand. The book is composed of 17 chapters collected … Continue reading REVIEW: Web Operations – Keep Data on Time

REVIEW: SQLFire – Scalable SQL instead of NoSQL

A very interesting presentation about tackling scalability limitations in legacy databases- if I may. The presentation organization is well-organized. It started with illustrating, why we need to think differently in SQL and how all the “noSQL” solution focuses on new models and not focusing on the real issues like optimizing IO. They focus on making … Continue reading REVIEW: SQLFire – Scalable SQL instead of NoSQL

Quotation: System Integration Points

Integration points are the number-one killer of systems. Every single one of those feeds presents a stability risk. Every socket, process, pipe or remote procedure call can and will hang. Even database calls can hang, in ways obvious and subtle. Every feed into the system can hang it, crash it or generate other impulses at … Continue reading Quotation: System Integration Points


“At, we had opted to use FDD. While I believe that SCRUM, as all other agile methodologies is excellent in supporting human-oriented software development environment, I continue to believe that it lacks well defined control points (milestones) that are required to track the progress of features implementation. It is clearly focused more on the … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: FDD vs SCRUM

PERSPECTIVE: tools change, experience persists

Which programming language do you use to develop applications? A question usually asked by interviewees the first chance they can ask the interviewer for a software development position. Such question, I believe, reflects immaturity and lack of vision and experience. On the other hand, an employer looking for a PHP – or any other specific language – … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: tools change, experience persists


Understand terms before you add them to your terminology arsenal! I believe we should all abide by this golden rule. Not knowing about a technology, science, trend or concept, is better than having a wrong understanding of it. Working in a discipline like IT, I hear a lot of jargons, terms and idioms and having … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: Agile

PERSPECTIVE: 8 Reasons why we do not have software industry in Jordan

Jordan , as we claim, has a decent pool of talented resources in different disciplines including software development.  We export software, as well as, computer and software expertise – mainly to Arab Gulf countries – . Sounds promising! Not really, after more than a decade of endeavors in software, I do not see the picture bright! I … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: 8 Reasons why we do not have software industry in Jordan

LINK: Top 25 Dangerous Programming Errors

Do you want to develop secure applications? Do you want to architect secure applications? Are you a security analyst? or interested to do so? Then you cannot miss this link. It is a list of the most dangerous 25 programming errors compiled by over 30 experts from different international organizations concerned with software security.