REPHRASE: Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both

“Kanban and Scrum – Making the most of both” is a very nice lightweight reading – thanks InfoQ –  that discusses how Kanban and Scrum are related to each other, how they are different and how to make the best out of both! Yes, The best out of both! Yes, they can be applied together! … Continue reading REPHRASE: Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both

REPHRASE: You’re a PMP, why PRINCE2 then?

In a region where  PMP certification is assumed all-what-you-need for project management, occasionally,  I have to answer the question “Why PRINCE2, you’re already a PMP?”. PRINCE2 stands for PRojects In Controlled Environment.  PRINCE2 is a project management methodology,that is mainly concerned with establishing, maintaining and controlling the project environment.

REPHRASE: Zero Investment SOA

In contrary to the prevailing belief that implementing SOA needs a big investment ahead, this presentation illustrates the process of implementing SOA in small/cost-effective iterations. According to the presentation, SOA can be implemented similar to Agile development with one difference. Agile focuses on incremental implementation, while Zero Investment SOA is implemented  as  incremental deliveries, where … Continue reading REPHRASE: Zero Investment SOA

REVIEW: One Minute Manager

One Minute Manager is a book that you could finish in one session!  the book is a story-like where a young man is meeting the One Minute Manager, his reports and coworkers to understand the secrets of the One Minute Manager  efficiency. According to the book, One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings and one Minute … Continue reading REVIEW: One Minute Manager

REVIEW: Using ITIL and Prince2 Together

A  well-organized 6 pages case study published by Best Management Practices illustrating using ITIL and PRINCE2 together in setting up a service desk in an offshore site. Current service desk was reaching capacity and expansion in the current location was not physically possible or cost-effective. The new service desk should follow ITIL procedures. The case … Continue reading REVIEW: Using ITIL and Prince2 Together

REPHRASE: Scale at Facebook

Aditya Agarwal, Director of engineering at facebook, gave a very interesting presentation in May 28th at QCon illustrating Facebook architecture. Aditya stressed on making it quickly to the market and not to over engineer. “Scalability is a good problem to have” as stated by Aditya. Statistics: 1. users spend 8 billion a minute per day … Continue reading REPHRASE: Scale at Facebook