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PERSPECTIVE: Importance of Sprint Retrospective

PERSPECTIVE: Importance of Sprint Retrospective

One of the four items in Agile Manifesto is: value individuals and interactions over processes and tools And one of the twelve principles induced from the manifesto is: Build projects around motivated individuals, give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done Unfortunately, in practice, most of Scrum … Continue reading


Agile operations is about a mindset as much as any technology. Ironically,  the most agile teams that decree agile loudly are really agile from Web Operations


Agile ostensibly focuses on improving communication and the flow of ideas, but when that focus is lost, Agile can become a excuse for falling to communicate, especially at perceived process boundaries. from Web Operations

REVIEW: Scaling Lean and Agile Development

REVIEW: Scaling Lean and Agile Development

A very interesting, vivid and beneficial presentation! The purpose of the presentation is to illustrate “how” to scale lean and Agile across multisite. It presents practices and tips related to adoption of offshore, multisite development and coordination within large scrum teams. I liked that fact that was presented at the beginning: “big projects” can be … Continue reading

TIP: Save the Iteration

Estimation is a guess-work. Hence, when we estimate an iteration, there is a possibility to not being able to finish all scheduled features. Not a big deal! Extend the Iteration! Not exactly. Extending the iteration is one of the worse Agile anti-patterns1. It is never ever a good idea to extend your iteration. Below are … Continue reading

PERSPECTIVE: Agile in not a project management methodology

Defined by CollabNet ” Scrum is  a management framework for incremental product development using one or more cross-functional, self organizing team of about seven people each. Scrum provides a structure of roles, meeting, rules and artifacts.” By definition,Agile is a a mind set, as well as, a set of engineering practices for rapid delivery of … Continue reading