PERSPECTIVE: Importance of Sprint Retrospective

One of the four items in Agile Manifesto is: value individuals and interactions over processes and tools And one of the twelve principles induced from the manifesto is: Build projects around motivated individuals, give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done Unfortunately, in practice, most of Scrum … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: Importance of Sprint Retrospective

PERSPECTIVE: Prioritization Revealed

IT manager are under consistent pressure to make priority decisions. Especially, when supporting multiple business units. Every day we receive a much amount of change requests, incidents and problems that we cannot handle at the same day. Making the right decision, on what we should work on next is vital to justify IT existence and … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: Prioritization Revealed

TIP: Save the Iteration

Estimation is a guess-work. Hence, when we estimate an iteration, there is a possibility to not being able to finish all scheduled features. Not a big deal! Extend the Iteration! Not exactly. Extending the iteration is one of the worse Agile anti-patterns1. It is never ever a good idea to extend your iteration. Below are … Continue reading TIP: Save the Iteration

TIP: Time-box your tasks

Don’t ever start working on something without defining a deadline! Not defining a time to finish the task or at least to decide on the next step/action is definitely counter productive. Not setting a deadline, puts the task in the control seat! It controls the situation and you keep following it. At best the task … Continue reading TIP: Time-box your tasks

TIP: Fix Now… Justify Later

When things are going wrong, don’t make it even worse by justifications! Believe me it doesn’t matter! What matters to management, and should matter to you as well, are results! Naturally,   Results require actions. So your next step should be thinking of corrective actions before reaching your manager.  Approach your manager with something like:  “I … Continue reading TIP: Fix Now… Justify Later