REVIEW: Web 2.0 Architectures

  Good for web entrepreneurs . It illustrates the main concepts and patterns of web 2.0.  No real technical value. The first four chapters clarify a lot of concepts and terminologies in Web 2.0 context. I believe the word “architecture” is misleading. “patterns” is more suitable. bottom line, I did not find it interesting. Very … Continue reading REVIEW: Web 2.0 Architectures

REVIEW: High Performance and Even Faster Web Sites

High performance web sites Amazing! both books are really Amazing! Thank you Steve Souders.   High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Web Sites are a must-read for all web developers, designers and archeticts.   The books change the way we think about web sites performance as they remove the focus on performance improvement from … Continue reading REVIEW: High Performance and Even Faster Web Sites

PERSPECTIVE: tools change, experience persists

Which programming language do you use to develop applications? A question usually asked by interviewees the first chance they can ask the interviewer for a software development position. Such question, I believe, reflects immaturity and lack of vision and experience. On the other hand, an employer looking for a PHP – or any other specific language – … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: tools change, experience persists


3000 new companies a day are signing up world wide. More than 10 million active users in more than 500,000 companies are currently using it. For only $50/individual/annum, it gives you the ability to handle e-mail, Web hosting, calendars, instant messaging, and standard business applications like word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. It is Google apps. … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: Why SaaS?