PERSPECTIVE: We’re Different!

This is one of the best statement to summarize one of the challenges I consistently face while working with customers; “we’re different?”, “Agile won’t work in our environment”, “DevOps is not suitable for our challenges?”…… If you haven’t heard this, or anything similar yet, then you’re not experienced enough, you’d rather go and find your first customer, otherwise continue reading!

The best way to respond to this argument is perfectly crafted by W. Edwards Deming:

A common disease that afflicts management the world over is the impression that “Our problems are different.” They are different to be sure, but the principles that will help to improve the quality of products and services are universal in nature.

In other words, and from digital products development perspective, Agile, DevOps and Lean proved to be the way to go to improve quality of digital products and services. The application from one situation to another might varies, but the principles remain the same.

So dear leaders! ensure that you are ready to embrace new principles before you expect “Magic” to happen within your organization!

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