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GUIDE: ezAuth with codeIgniter 2.1.0

ezAuth  is a very handy library for user authentication/authorization. However it has not been updated lately to be compatible with the latest changes in CodeIgniter 2.1.0 I assume that you’ve successfully added it to your CodeIgniter project. For me all I did is that I copied ezauth_model.php to the models folder  and loaded the model … Continue reading

GUIDE: Facebook Login with CodeIgniter

I’ve tried to add Facebook Login button to my CodeIgniter application. Since I’m new to both CodeIgniter and Facebook Connect, at least from development aspect, I have looked for existing tutorials.  After research I found that Danny  Herrarn tutorial is the best one. However, I faced a couple of  issues, to which, I found no … Continue reading

GUIDE: Your first Android application using Phone Gap

GUIDE: Your first Android application using Phone Gap

The video contains a complete guide on how to create your first Android application, starting from installing Android tools on Eclipse till generating the APK that can be directly installed on your Android Machine. In addition to the steps in the official tutorial on Phone Gap site. This video covers the following: How to avoid … Continue reading

GUIDE: Scrape multi-pages content with Scrapy

Scrapy is really amazing. It is a very handy framework for scraping. In this guide, I will illustrate how to create a spider to extract multi-pages content.  I assume that you already know Scrapy and you’ve covered the official tutorial. I also assume that you’re familiar with XPath, if not please get your self familiar … Continue reading

GUIDE: Sphinx with Django

The purpose of this tutorial is to integrate Django-Sphinx inside your Django application to make use of the powerful Sphinx search engine. This guide assumes the following: Python already installed Linux Ubuntu operating system Django already installed Eclipse — with Pydev — is the IDE You already have Djnago application to integrate Djnago-Sphinx with The … Continue reading