REVIEW:The Personal MBA

In 13 chapters narrated for 20 minutes over 13 hours, Josh Kaufman illustrates : what tools, techniques and principle you need to master to set up and run a business. The books argues that, one don’t need to spend all the time, effort and Money on having an MBA. The Personal MBA gives you all … Continue reading REVIEW:The Personal MBA

REVIEW: Poorly Made in China

I found the book name very catchy and I didn’t blink an eye before buying it, downloading it and start listening! The purpose of the book, is to dispel myths about china and importing from China. It discusses why  China is not a real threat for the western manufacturing leadership of the world. Below stated … Continue reading REVIEW: Poorly Made in China

Crush It: Cash in on your passion

The book start is extremely nice and it grabbed my attention. I have listened to the first 90 minutes in one session. However as I proceeded with the book it became lets interesting. The book idea is how to make your passion a money generator! how to cash from doing things you’d love to do. … Continue reading Crush It: Cash in on your passion

REVIEWS: How the Mighty Fall

Just finished listening to the audio version of “How the Mighty Fall”. Another interesting study by Jim Collins. The main idea behind the book is that decline can be avoided, detected and reversed. In this book Jim Collins illustrates how big companies fall; which happens through 5 stages of decline: Stage 1: Hubris Born of … Continue reading REVIEWS: How the Mighty Fall

REVIEW: The Innovator’s Solution

Very long, yet very intense and interesting. I have listened to the book. The total time is 11 hours  and 30 minutes. The innovator’s solutions  addresses the dilemma of how to grow and sustain business. The whole argument is that business growth and sustainability is not a random process and one can expect the opportunities … Continue reading REVIEW: The Innovator’s Solution

PERSPECTIVE: Protect your Strategic Assets

Why does a client reach you or choose you to provide him with an IT solution or service? Definitely because of the value he believes you’ll be delivering to him. In return of value, he pays you money and, supposedly, enjoys the value you’ve delivered to him. The value is delivered to the client, by deploying your assets (capabilities and resources) … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: Protect your Strategic Assets

PERSPECTIVE: 8 Reasons why we do not have software industry in Jordan

Jordan , as we claim, has a decent pool of talented resources in different disciplines including software development.  We export software, as well as, computer and software expertise – mainly to Arab Gulf countries – . Sounds promising! Not really, after more than a decade of endeavors in software, I do not see the picture bright! I … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: 8 Reasons why we do not have software industry in Jordan


3000 new companies a day are signing up world wide. More than 10 million active users in more than 500,000 companies are currently using it. For only $50/individual/annum, it gives you the ability to handle e-mail, Web hosting, calendars, instant messaging, and standard business applications like word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. It is Google apps. … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: Why SaaS?