REVIEW:The Personal MBA

In 13 chapters narrated for 20 minutes over 13 hours, Josh Kaufman illustrates : what tools, techniques and principle you need to master to set up and run a business. The books argues that, one don’t need to spend all the time, effort and Money on having an MBA. The Personal MBA gives you all … Continue reading REVIEW:The Personal MBA

REPHRASE: Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both

“Kanban and Scrum – Making the most of both” is a very nice lightweight reading – thanks InfoQ –  that discusses how Kanban and Scrum are related to each other, how they are different and how to make the best out of both! Yes, The best out of both! Yes, they can be applied together! … Continue reading REPHRASE: Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both

REVIEW: Poorly Made in China

I found the book name very catchy and I didn’t blink an eye before buying it, downloading it and start listening! The purpose of the book, is to dispel myths about china and importing from China. It discusses why  China is not a real threat for the western manufacturing leadership of the world. Below stated … Continue reading REVIEW: Poorly Made in China

REVIEW: Real Influence

Another master piece by Mark Goulston. Thank you, really thank you. I am not sure how I would I make  it through management and leadership without great insights and action steps like your. The book is really very inspiring and eye-opener. Personally it touched me to the core. It’s about techniques and approaches to have … Continue reading REVIEW: Real Influence

Crush It: Cash in on your passion

The book start is extremely nice and it grabbed my attention. I have listened to the first 90 minutes in one session. However as I proceeded with the book it became lets interesting. The book idea is how to make your passion a money generator! how to cash from doing things you’d love to do. … Continue reading Crush It: Cash in on your passion

REVIEW: Poke the Box

This is not my first reading for Seth Godin. I have before read Linchpin and planning to read The Purple Cow. The book is about being an initiator, it’s about doing something, not giving up early, getting feedback and keep trying. It’s about starting things very often, with dedication and perseverance. The book highlights very inspiring thoughts … Continue reading REVIEW: Poke the Box

REVIEW: Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

One of the best books I’ve ever read or listened to. Just Listen is really amazing and inspiring. If you’re a manager you definitely should read this piece of art. I liked Just Listen much for the following reasons: 1. Very simple and straight to the point language

REVIEW: Web Operations – Keep Data on Time

  If you’re a technician or technical manager working on a large-scale web site reading this book is not an option. This is a must-read book. However,if you don’t work in such environment, don’t bother reading the book! It will be very hard to related and understand. The book is composed of 17 chapters collected … Continue reading REVIEW: Web Operations – Keep Data on Time

Review: Enabling IT FInancial Transparency

The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate how to calculate IT costs in a scientific way and not guessing. IT financial management is one of the most complicated subjects to address.  From a business perspective IT financial transparency is usually a pain. The start of the presentation was a bit boring and I was … Continue reading Review: Enabling IT FInancial Transparency

REVIEW: What Every Body is Saying

I liked this book for so many reasons: the language is simple and the ideas are introduced in a very nice and  simplified approach. They purpose of this book is to help you notice and interpret body language. It is based on an Ex FBI agent experience. It also set simple general rules that one … Continue reading REVIEW: What Every Body is Saying