PERSPECTIVE: Just Listen, Always!

“I came to your shop 3 times asking about a spare part for my food processor. Every-time you tell me you’ll call me later, but you never did. What’s wrong with you people?”. I started the conversation at the electronics shop store.

“Sir, please check the system log, we’ve called you 3 times, but you never pick up!”. The salesman replied.

He was right, they were trying to call me, but it never worked!

Since I listened to  “Just Listen” by Mark Goulston.  I’ve consistently tried to “Just Listen”  in every aspect of my work, with my superiors, subordinates, clients and colleagues, It always worked!. This book has really made a difference in my life. results are most of the time very positive.  However, today I learned one more situation, where I need to “Just Listen”. It is when I am the customer! actually in all situations!

One thing I learned from project management is, with each assumption you make a risk associated, a threat or an opportunity. Whenever possible, assumptions, and their related threats, need to be assessed and studied carefully, so that they are avoided as early as possible. Else they should be closely monitored and managed.

So, if you’ve to assume, try to come up with a good assumption, “They might lost my number”, “I might not be reachable”….etc.  However if you cannot, or you cannot help it with the bad assumption, then “Just Listen” before you throw your conclusion, or should I say assumption?!

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