REVIEW: Poke the Box

Poke the Box
Poke the Box (Photo credit: Jeff Hester)

This is not my first reading for Seth Godin. I have before read Linchpin and planning to read The Purple Cow.

The book is about being an initiator, it’s about doing something, not giving up early, getting feedback and keep trying. It’s about starting things very often, with dedication and perseverance.

The book highlights very inspiring thoughts about taking initiative and not waiting for a certain authority, boss or manager to give you a green light or pick us to start something.

Though it might not be part of the scope of this book, I believe it would have been a very good idea to highlight some techniques to become an initiator, how to shift your

mind-set and to remove the mental barriers. Or maybe at least references for more resources.

Over all, I believe it’s a very nice book that will definitely affect your personal moral.

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