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REVIEW: Web Operations – Keep Data on Time

REVIEW: Web Operations – Keep Data on Time

  If you’re a technician or technical manager working on a large-scale web site reading this book is not an option. This is a must-read book. However,if you don’t work in such environment, don’t bother reading the book! It will be very hard to related and understand. The book is composed of 17 chapters collected … Continue reading

EVENT: Presentation at University of Jordan

Below  the presentation I gave today at the university of Jordan as part of the Open Source Technological Week, the presentation illustrates “where does the time go?” between typing a URL in the address bar till the page is completely rendered. The purpose of this presentation is to understand where and how the time is … Continue reading

REVIEW: High Performance and Even Faster Web Sites

High performance web sites Amazing! both books are really Amazing! Thank you Steve Souders.   High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Web Sites are a must-read for all web developers, designers and archeticts.   The books change the way we think about web sites performance as they remove the focus on performance improvement from … Continue reading