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TIP: Who to blame?

If the first thing you hear when something goes wrong is “Who did that?”, then you should know there is something wrong! No I don’t mean what happened, but what is going to happen and how the situation will be handled. Good leaders know that things go wrong, some times for no reason. They know … Continue reading

PERSPECTIVE: Prioritization Revealed

IT manager are under consistent pressure to make priority decisions. Especially, when supporting multiple business units. Every day we receive a much amount of change requests, incidents and problems that we cannot handle at the same day. Making the right decision, on what we should work on next is vital to justify IT existence and … Continue reading

QUOTATION: Perceptions

Manage perceptions after a major incident. It’s as important as managing the incident itself From Release it: Design and Deploy Production Ready Software

REVIEW: One Minute Manager

One Minute Manager is a book that you could finish in one session!  the book is a story-like where a young man is meeting the One Minute Manager, his reports and coworkers to understand the secrets of the One Minute Manager  efficiency. According to the book, One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings and one Minute … Continue reading

PERSPECTIVE:Changing the vector – Part 1

Knowing nothing about software security, software development methodologies, latest technology trends, web technologies, web protocols or even the most common used web protocol, HTTP. This is the typical computer sciences major graduate in Jordan. He is clueless, lacking practical knowledge and real connections with the practical world. Sadly, finding good fresh graduate candidates in Jordan … Continue reading

PERSPECTIVE: tools change, experience persists

Which programming language do you use to develop applications? A question usually asked by interviewees the first chance they can ask the interviewer for a software development position. Such question, I believe, reflects immaturity and lack of vision and experience. On the other hand, an employer looking for a PHP – or any other specific language – … Continue reading

REPHRASE: Building a Team

Based on Toastmasters Building a Team manual, from Club excellence series, the following presentation illustrate how to build and maintain harmony within a team in order to achieve goals.