PERSPECTIVE: Multi-cloud VS Single Control & Management Plane

By choosing a multi-cloud strategy, you lose one of the main advantages of cloud adoption of being a “Single Control and Management Plane”. Ensure to include this in your Cloud Adoption Business Case and be fully aware of the trade-offs you’re making

Below some examples:

  • Establishing logs ingestion, querying and correlation. This comes natively in all cloud platforms. However, with multi-cloud you need to properly architect this.
  • Performing management activities activities such as iOS patching, backups, desired state configuration. Again, they all come natively in all cloud provider and you need to handle this separately with multi-cloud
  • Cost Management and Goverance, as you’ll be managing different invoices and cost reporting tools.
  • Complexity in deployment pipelines due to deploying to various platforms
  • Identity management configuration and setup
  • Shared services setup complexity both on the cloud side and on-premise side such as: Firewalls, Gateways, Hubs…etc
  • Disaster recovery setup
  • Identity management and federation

And the list goes on……

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