PERSPECTIVE: At least, it’s an improvement!

Discussions related cloud usually takes a wrong route! Rather than starting from existing problems and think how to address them and consider cloud as one of the options, customers tent to think about pitfalls of the cloud! Realistically speaking, nothing is perfect, including the cloud! cloud is evergreen by nature; each day new services, enhancements … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: At least, it’s an improvement!

PERSPECTIVE: We’re Different!

This is one of the best statement to summarize one of the challenges I consistently face while working with customers; “we’re different?”, “Agile won’t work in our environment”, “DevOps is not suitable for our challenges?”…… If you haven’t heard this, or anything similar yet, then you’re not experienced enough, you’d rather go and find your … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: We’re Different!

DevOps: the right team structure!

While working with customers on DevOps, one of the most repeated questions is:  “How should we structure our teams to achieve the benefits of DevOps?”.  The answer, for DevOps practitioner, is no-brainer! It should be Feature Teams or Squads. However, in enterprises the situation is usually more complex. While feature teams resemble the ideal setup … Continue reading DevOps: the right team structure!

DevOps 101 – a brief introduction

Understanding DevOps might be a challenging journey, especially for newcomers. There are many definitions, practices, values, and practices originating from different sources. Luckily, there are 3 main principles that were initially mentioned in the famous book, the Phoenix Project that all DevOps practices and patterns are derived from. Understanding these 3 principles – usually referred … Continue reading DevOps 101 – a brief introduction


Needless to say, the DevOps movement evolved to enhance collaboration between development and operation teams and to overcome the continuous destructive tension; development strives to push changes to production fast, while operations focuses on production stability. By focusing on creating value to the customer, remove any activity that adds no value to the customer (waste)1 … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: DevSecOps 101

PERSPECTIVE: Importance of Sprint Retrospective

One of the four items in Agile Manifesto is: value individuals and interactions over processes and tools And one of the twelve principles induced from the manifesto is: Build projects around motivated individuals, give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done Unfortunately, in practice, most of Scrum … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: Importance of Sprint Retrospective

PERSPECTIVE: Projects Failure Countermeasures – no templates

Very often, in training session and discussions, I am ask ed to share project management templates. Requesters  believe by using templates project management will be easier and projects will succeed! My consistent response is: I won’t share any! Don’t judge me! I am not mean. I am just against anti-patterns1; relying on  

PERSPECTIVE: Projects Failure – Countermeasure 1: Is it really a project!

Projects failure is contextual! it differs from project to another depending on tolerances, limitations and conditions. a project is usually considered a failure if :  It exceeded the allocated time, budget along with the tolerances.  It failed to deliver the expected outputs. Hence outcomes are not achieved and expected benefits cannot be realized. This is … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: Projects Failure – Countermeasure 1: Is it really a project!