TIP: Who to blame?

If the first thing you hear when something goes wrong is “Who did that?”, then you should know there is something wrong! No I don’t mean what happened, but what is going to happen and how the situation will be handled. Good leaders know that things go wrong, some times for no reason. They know … Continue reading

TIP: Market your mistakes!

TIP: Market your mistakes!

Usually, when one make a mistake at work,  the first thing s/he thinks about  is how s/he can hide this from his/her manager. right? From my humble experience, I usually think about it differently: How can I tell my manager about this. Strange? Not really, telling your manager about your mistakes is the best thing … Continue reading

TIP: Be careful with Maybe!

Objective questions  should get objective answers!. In this context Maybe, Might and Possibly are jargon! “How are you today?” is very likely to have a subjective answer, “how does this piece of code works?” is not! If you’re not sure how some code is written, how something is working, what is the number of new … Continue reading