REVIEW: SQLFire – Scalable SQL instead of NoSQL

A very interesting presentation about tackling scalability limitations in legacy databases- if I may.

The presentation organization is well-organized. It started with illustrating, why we need to think differently in SQL and how all the “noSQL” solution focuses on new models and not focusing on the real issues like optimizing IO. They focus on making SQL less rigid and to find new consistency models to ease scaling.
This introduction paved the way to introduce the new product: SQLFire a new product from VMWare that have the attributes of the next generation of databases. SQLFire suggest minor changes to SQL DDL and leaves SQL DML intact.

Other impressive features includes:

  1. Caching layer
  2. Flexible deployment options
  3. Re-balancing load upon adding new nodes
  4. Different types of partitioning, replication and co-location in the nodes

Then the speaker moved to speak about scaling patterns and consistency model in SQLFire

I am personally impressed with the features and the thought process behind this new database.  I cannot wait to install it and see it in action.

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