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PERSPECTIVE: Changing the Vector 2

PERSPECTIVE: Changing the Vector 2

In an earlier post in 2009, I highlighted the poor quality of IT graduates in Jordan, both in knowledge and practice terms. I supported my case with Global Services Index of A.T.Kearney In 2008-2009 we went up the ladder very slowly, from rank 14 to 13, which I believe was not enough at that time, … Continue reading

EVENT: Amman Tech Tuesday May 4, 2010

Definitely, a great step towards having more dynamics in the Jordanian IT idle community. A step that should have started many years ago in a country like Jordan, where there are a lot of IT geeks, talents and experts. Big thanks to all who worked hard to get this all together. As a start the … Continue reading

EVENT: Jordan Web Awards

In a fogy atmosphere that is saturated with cigarettes smoke, Jordan Web Awards were distributed last Saturday in Hyatt. Being an anti-smoking fanatic, I have to say it was not a pleasant experience. In three hours, I believe that I inhaled an amount of cigarettes smoke that superseded the amount I inhaled in the last … Continue reading

PERSPECTIVE:Changing the vector – Part 1

Knowing nothing about software security, software development methodologies, latest technology trends, web technologies, web protocols or even the most common used web protocol, HTTP. This is the typical computer sciences major graduate in Jordan. He is clueless, lacking practical knowledge and real connections with the practical world. Sadly, finding good fresh graduate candidates in Jordan … Continue reading

EVENT: A Step in the thousand mile journey

Time went quickly, this is  how it goes whenever you’re having a nice conversation, and this is how it went with Dr.  Adnan El-Nasan,  Dean Assistant in Hijjawi Faculty of Engineering. Dr. Adnan’s visit to Bayt.com is part of Hijjawi Faculty of Engineering initiative to build relations with businesses. Hijjawi Faculty of Engineering, represented by … Continue reading