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REVIEWS: How the Mighty Fall

Just finished listening to the audio version of “How the Mighty Fall”. Another interesting study by Jim Collins. The main idea behind the book is that decline can be avoided, detected and reversed. In this book Jim Collins illustrates how big companies fall; which happens through 5 stages of decline: Stage 1: Hubris Born of … Continue reading

REVIEW: The Innovator’s Solution

Very long, yet very intense and interesting. I have listened to the book. The total time is 11 hours  and 30 minutes. The innovator’s solutions  addresses the dilemma of how to grow and sustain business. The whole argument is that business growth and sustainability is not a random process and one can expect the opportunities … Continue reading

REVIEW: How to Become CEO

I really enjoyed listening to this book. I listened to it one shot for one hour and 30 minutes. The book has 75 tips for becoming a CEO. All habits are behavioral and not technical, which I believe is not necessarily enough to become a CEO. Nevertheless, I believe the tips are really practical.  I … Continue reading

REVIEW: How Successful People Think

A very interesting book full of inspiring quotes  and strong assertions.I highly recommend read this book, especially for those who feel down on unmotivated. The flow of ideas is very smooth and language is simple Some of the quotes and assertion I really liked: “Don’t strive for certainty: Big picture thinkers are comfortable with ambiguity.  … Continue reading

REVIEW: Tribes- We Need you to Lead us

Another nice piece from Seth Godin. Last week I heard this book at once during my flight to Oman. The book is really very interesting, inspiring and the same time very realistic. I really like the part where Seth Godin differentiates between the “Factory” and the “Tribe” mentality. But what I really liked most is … Continue reading

REVIEW: Inside Steve’s Brain

The book is supposed  to expose what’s going on inside Steve’s jobs brain and illustrate his thought process. I honestly found the book interesting to read, yet with no real value. Big part of the book is repeating over and over again how intensive the design process at apple is. At some stage I felt … Continue reading

REVIEW: SQLFire – Scalable SQL instead of NoSQL

REVIEW: SQLFire – Scalable SQL instead of NoSQL

A very interesting presentation about tackling scalability limitations in legacy databases- if I may. The presentation organization is well-organized. It started with illustrating, why we need to think differently in SQL and how all the “noSQL” solution focuses on new models and not focusing on the real issues like optimizing IO. They focus on making … Continue reading

REVIEW: Scaling Lean and Agile Development

REVIEW: Scaling Lean and Agile Development

A very interesting, vivid and beneficial presentation! The purpose of the presentation is to illustrate “how” to scale lean and Agile across multisite. It presents practices and tips related to adoption of offshore, multisite development and coordination within large scrum teams. I liked that fact that was presented at the beginning: “big projects” can be … Continue reading