REVIEW: What Every Body is Saying

Cover of "What Every BODY is Saying: An E...
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I liked this book for so many reasons: the language is simple and the ideas are introduced in a very nice and  simplified approach. They purpose of this book is to help you notice and interpret body language. It is based on an Ex FBI agent experience.

It also set simple general rules that one can easily memories and relate too like distancing – when one is not comfortable – and defying gravity – when one is happy or excited. Another new and nice idea is pacifying behaviors and how they reflect the inner state of the person.

One thing that I found repetitive is emphasis on the context and the importance of understanding the context However, I believe there should have been a dedicated chapter for this idea and not keep stressing on it all over the book.

Final thoughts were amazing, they summarizes the book in a very interesting and nice way.

Over all I found this book very interesting. However, if you want to read the book I highly recommend reading and not listening. The audio version keeps referring to images to the attachment PDF, which actually defeats the purpose of listening to the book and not reading it.

I highly recommend reading this book and not listening to it!

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