REVIEW: The Innovator’s Solution

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Very long, yet very intense and interesting. I have listened to the book. The total time is 11 hours  and 30 minutes.

The innovator’s solutions  addresses the dilemma of how to grow and sustain business. The whole argument is that business growth and sustainability is not a random process and one can expect the opportunities based on the techniques and ideas proposed in the book.

Reading Innovator’s Dilemma is not a requisite for this book, though it will help you better understand the nature and attribute of disruptive technologies and businesses.

The book has introduced very valuable ideas, thoughts and techniques – that are supported with real life examples – That will help managers in understanding the market, acquire opportunities and grow the business. To mention some: understanding the success context and not mimicking the success attributes,  understanding the job a certain product is doing and not focusing on enhancing its attributes, and the Resource, Process and Value framework for growing and sustaining any business.

I have definitely

enjoyed reading this rich book. However i recommend that you have a clear mind and you’re fully awake when reading the book. Else you’ll miss a lot.

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