DevOps 101 – a brief introduction

Understanding DevOps might be a challenging journey, especially for newcomers. There are many definitions, practices, values, and practices originating from different sources.

Luckily, there are 3 main principles that were initially mentioned in the famous book, the Phoenix Project that all DevOps practices and patterns are derived from. Understanding these 3 principles – usually referred to as the three ways of DevOps is essential to whoever starting the DevOps journey!bac24dbd-d16d-4fa1-97fb-bc11c1842b0b._SR300,300_

Without further a due, the first way emphasizes that work should flow from left (requirements from business) to right (operations with the customer) as soon as possible. This entails not passing any defect to downstream work centers i.e. other team teams, focusing on global optimizations in favor of local ones, and always seeking a profound understanding of the whole system. This holistic view for the entire system performance is called “System Thinking”.

The second way is: Amplify feedback loops; shorten and amplify feedback from right to left so corrections are made as soon as possible. This includes responding to all customers internal and external, increasing the number of feedback loop that you have in the flow of work.

The third way is all about the culture of continual experimentation and learning. This includes taking risks, learning from failure, and understanding that repetition and practice are the way to mastery.

Finally, as implied above, the core of DevOps is not about technology but rather the mindset, the approach and the culture. Everything else follows. So, start your journey right and enjoy the three ways of DevOps.

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