REVIEW: Inside Steve’s Brain

The book is supposed  to expose what’s going on inside Steve’s jobs brain and illustrate his thought process.

Cover of "Inside Steve's Brain"
Cover of Inside Steve's Brain

I honestly found the book interesting to read, yet with no real value.

Big part of the book is repeating over and over again how intensive the design process at apple is. At some stage I felt that the book is only about the design process of Apple new products.

As for listing lessons learned at the end of each chapter. I felt that there are too much lesson to learn! too much to the extend that you won’t remember any of them. Some lessons are extremely bold or offensive  i.e. It’s ok to be be an asshole, as long as you’re passionate about it!

One last note,  I found no strong statement in the book to quote!

If yo’re not expecting much benefit from reading the book, then read it!



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