REVIEW: Building Scalable Systems – an Asynchronous Approach

A very interesting presentation about using asynchronous messaging systems in scaling up applications.

The presentation is split into main parts. The first part is a quick rant to cut some crap related to application scaling according to the presenter. These include:

  1. Big data do not really exist
  2. Sharded RDBMS offer better scalability than NoSQL. So big data is not a reason for using NoSQL
  3. Cloud is not magic! there is a big misconception about the old way of doing things
  4. Scaling is not the magic of adding more nodes at ease! We need to have good information and system infrastructure
Part 2 covers asynchronous approach using messaging systems. It illustrates how AMQP protocol used in RabbitMQ works.

One of the things I liked about this part is how he presented when to use asynchronous and how this was enriched with examples.

I have enjoyed watching this presentation and have learnt a lot. I highly recommend watching it.

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