REVIEW: High Performance and Even Faster Web Sites

High performance web sites
High performance web sites

Amazing! both books are really Amazing! Thank you Steve Souders.

High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Web Sites are a must-read for all web developers, designers and archeticts.
The books change the way we think about web sites performance as they remove the focus on performance improvement from server side to client side.
High Performance Web Sites, provides 14 effective and important tips to enhance  web sites performance. The 14 tips cover almost all aspects of serving content over the web. While Even Faster Web Sites concentrates  on the content itse lf with big focus on Javascript, the most troublesome aspect in front end performance.
Even Faster Web Sites
Even Faster Web Sites
I believe both books are very well -structured, rich, focused  and  contains invaluable information.  The way ideas are presented is very logical. Ideas are enriched with simple samples to help understand the points better.
I have really enjoyed reading both of them from the first  down to last page. You can finish one  over the week end!
If you really want to enrich you front end engineering and web performance knowledge, if you want to be a disitnguised web developer, or  if you just want to taste and enjoy  the engineering sense in web development, I believe you should read these two great books.

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