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ANNOUNCEMENT: ITIL Expert Certification

ANNOUNCEMENT: ITIL Expert Certification

Finally I got my ITIL V3 expert accreditation after 2.5 years of study, practice and training. The journey started on December 2009 when I sat for the foundation exam. Since then, I  have delivered ITIL foundation training , studying, practicing  and passing the intermediate exams. Why it took me all that time? because I did … Continue reading

Review: Enabling IT FInancial Transparency

Review: Enabling IT FInancial Transparency

The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate how to calculate IT costs in a scientific way and not guessing. IT financial management is one of the most complicated subjects to address.  From a business perspective IT financial transparency is usually a pain. The start of the presentation was a bit boring and I was … Continue reading

QUOTATION: Improvement

Too many people and too many organizations are looking for the big-bang approach to improvements. It is important to understand that a succession or series of small, planned increment of improvements will not stress the infrastructure as much and will eventually amount to a large amount of improvement over time ITIL Continual Service Improvement

PERSPECTIVE: Dispelling some Myths about ITIL

PERSPECTIVE: Dispelling some Myths about ITIL

Occasionally, I find people surprised of my interest in ITIL, knowing that the industry I work in is Internet.  With curiosity: “How do you apply ITIL on website and internet!” people ask. In other occasions I found people surprised that I am implementing this gradually without having this as part of a formal and official … Continue reading

EVENT: ITIL V3 Foundation Training – Texum

Last week I conducted ITIL V3 Foundation training for a group of six managers and engineers at Texum. It was one of the best group I ever worked with. They were really very interested in acquiring new knowledge and practices. They have consistently challenged me with questions, that reflects great passion for knowledge, as well … Continue reading

TRAINING: ITIL V3 Foundation Training, 25-29 September 2011

Last week I finished the first of two ITIL V3 foundation training for Bayt.com IT Staff in Amman. Delegates were really very interested in the subject. They have consistently challenged me with their questions. Overall it was a very successful training and I expect that all the delegates will be able to pass the foundation exam.

PERSPECTIVE: Prioritization Revealed

IT manager are under consistent pressure to make priority decisions. Especially, when supporting multiple business units. Every day we receive a much amount of change requests, incidents and problems that we cannot handle at the same day. Making the right decision, on what we should work on next is vital to justify IT existence and … Continue reading

ANNOUNCEMENT: ITIL V3 Foundation Training, 9-13 October 2011

Another interesting ITIL V3 Foundation training is coming!  If you’re interested to become a distinguished IT Manager, then what are you waiting for. This is my first training with Change Consulting & Training and it is definitely going to be different For complete details about the training Click here to download the brochure