EVENT: Amman Tech Tuesday May 4, 2010

Definitely, a great step towards having more dynamics in the Jordanian IT idle community. A step that should have started many years ago in a country like Jordan, where there are a lot of IT geeks, talents and experts. Big thanks to all who worked hard to get this all together.

As a start the organization level is satisfactory and promising. Keeping the same momentum I believe we will have better organization.

That said, I found myself obliged to give my comments, hoping that organizers will take my critique with an open mind.

20 minutes per presentations? 3 presentations in 2 hours?  I don’t think so. That is definitely a very aggressive time line. 20 minutes are –and were – not enough to present any subject properly. I believe the time table was crowded! For 2 hours event I believe having more than 2 speakers is too much. I believe the ideal division of time is to give 30 minutes for each presentation plus 10-15 minutes for discussions. That will leave 10-20 minutes for the coffee break.

Wait! There weren’t any coffee breaks! It was pushed to the end of the event –so the word “break” was not valid any more. I believe there should be a real coffee to refresh and to network before we get to the next session. I felt very tired to start networking at 9:30 PM

The first presentation was good and insightful; everybody needs to have an idea about the legalities related to starting a new business.

The second presentation – with all respect – was below expectations. I believe it did not even cover e-commerce 101. Real challenges were not highlighted and real and proven solutions were not proposed.

As for the third speaker – Mr. Usama Fayyadh – I believe it was very insightful and touchy to the core! We are really far behind. I have really enjoyed every single moment of presentation – Though I believe it was kind of preachy presentation for D1G.com

Overall, I believe it was a nice event to attend and I will definitely attend and preach for the next Amman Tech Tuesday.

One last thought, I wonder how such a community face an issue with the venue, have to beg for it and trouble with the final moment cancellation of the reservation!  IT is a strategic choice for Jordan and we keep hearing that from officials all the time. I wonder where are they to support such events or at least secure a proper venue for such great movements.

7 thoughts on “EVENT: Amman Tech Tuesday May 4, 2010

  1. Moa'ath Hammad

    I agree with you on all points and I want to stress more on 2 mentioned points:

    – 20 minutes session is not enough there were no scheduled time for questions and answers and things went in somehow unorganized way.

    – D1G presentation if we can call it like this, I thought its a community-to-community event and I didn’t like the way that D1G presented things, it was clear that its a marketing event for them and that neglect the idea behind this great initiative.

  2. Dear Ala’,

    Thank you for your post, I love the way you stated the very core issues with it. As you said it is a good start, we have been meeting continuously to make the upcoming ones more organised. Your feedback is highly appreciated and looking forward to see you on June 1st.

    1. Khaled. For sure I will be there, and if there is a chance to be part of the organizing committee I would like to do that as well.


      1. Great! please email me your contact details at kelahmad@gmail.com

  3. It’s a good start. Keep at it and it can only get better.
    About the venue, there are numerous idle public sector spaces around Jo. In Amman, try the Hussein Cultural Center – there’s a theatre that seats 575 (or around that), a smaller screening room with about 150 seats, and various spaces on the upper floors that can be expanded or reduced through partitioning. Talk to the mayor.

    If you want to take it out of Amman at times, there is a cultural center with either a theatre or large hall in every municipality where very little happens. Using such spaces for initiatives that bring the community together in a sector that is strategic for Jo should be encouraged.

    1. Nadine,

      Thanks a lot for your input. I will convey your message to the organizers. Thanks a lot

  4. Thank you Nadine, noted.

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