Training: ITIL Foundation, Qatar Gas December 2014

In coordination with New Horizons Qatar, I have successfully delivered ITIL 2011 Edition Foundation training. Four gentlemen from the Service Desk and Communication department have attended the course. It was a vivid and rewarding experience with me and I have enjoyed working with this great group a lot. I wish them all the good fortune in … Continue reading

PERSPECTIVE: Just Listen, Always!

“I came to your shop 3 times asking about a spare part for my food processor. Every-time you tell me you’ll call me later, but you never did. What’s wrong with you people?”. I started the conversation at the electronics shop store. “Sir, please check the system log, we’ve called you 3 times, but you … Continue reading

QUOTATION: Innovation

Listen to gurus, read the books, but think for yourself From the Forward of  “An Agile Adoption and Transformation Guide” by Henrik Kniberg