Public PMP Reparation Course May 2016

Another session of evening PMP preparation course was held this month in New Horizons Qatar. 16 enthusiastic delegates participated with great determination to pass the PMP exam.

Time went very quickly as we moved between slides, Business  case and Question Races – which were introduced for the the first time in this course -.

I would like to thank all of them for giving me this opportunity and by maintaining an excellent level of energy through out the course duration.

I wish all the delegates best of luck and hope to hear the good news soon

2 thoughts on “Public PMP Reparation Course May 2016

  1. I would like to thank you Mr Alaa for your efforts and time you spent with me after every class. the course was very useful for me and I learned a lot which I will try to implement it in my projects. Furthermore, I appreciate your support for me and my colleagues in submitting our application for the PMP exam and I will be looking forward to see in you in future course.

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