REPHRASE: Zero Investment SOA

In contrary to the prevailing belief that implementing SOA needs a big investment ahead, this presentation illustrates the process of implementing SOA in small/cost-effective iterations.

According to the presentation, SOA can be implemented similar to Agile development with one difference. Agile focuses on incremental implementation, while Zero Investment SOA is implemented  as  incremental deliveries, where each iteration deliver value to stakeholders, higher than the cost involved, using feedback from earlier steps to adjust requirements and design accordingly.

Then, the presenter covered part of the SOA 10 main principle, before moving to discuss the ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). Eric believes that ESB is not really required most of the time. If needed in some special cases, the best alternative is to go with open source ESB. This off course supports the main heme of the presentation: Zero Investment SOA.

Finally, Eric reminded us of the fact that SOA is only a tool. It’s only one of many ways to give values to stakeholder, which is the technology ultimate goal.

You can watch the presentation here

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