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QUESTION: Staffing Plan

I am preparing a staffing plan for the year, how can I make sure  to staff right for next year projects? Planning by nature is an estimation  work, staffing plan is not an exception.  Planning highly depends on inputs and conditions at the time of  plan compilation which might change over time. Our main responsibility … Continue reading

REPHRASE: You’re a PMP, why PRINCE2 then?

REPHRASE: You’re a PMP, why PRINCE2 then?

In a region where  PMP certification is assumed all-what-you-need for project management, occasionally,  I have to answer the question “Why PRINCE2, you’re already a PMP?”. PRINCE2 stands for PRojects In Controlled Environment.  PRINCE2 is a project management methodology,that is mainly concerned with establishing, maintaining and controlling the project environment.

PERSPECTIVE: Agile in not a project management methodology

Defined by CollabNet ” Scrum is  a management framework for incremental product development using one or more cross-functional, self organizing team of about seven people each. Scrum provides a structure of roles, meeting, rules and artifacts.” By definition,Agile is a a mind set, as well as, a set of engineering practices for rapid delivery of … Continue reading

PERSPECTIVE: Agile and Project Estimations

Customers usually ask: how much? and how soon? It is inevitable to have answers for those questions. Especially when  bidding for projects, Project Managers usually need to estimate even when  they have no complete requirements document and no signed-off specifications. Even for internal projects, it is usually hard to get senior management commitment without having … Continue reading

REVIEW: Using ITIL and Prince2 Together

A  well-organized 6 pages case study published by Best Management Practices illustrating using ITIL and PRINCE2 together in setting up a service desk in an offshore site. Current service desk was reaching capacity and expansion in the current location was not physically possible or cost-effective. The new service desk should follow ITIL procedures. The case … Continue reading


Since my first days in project management, I realized that existing project management applications are so rigid, at least for software development. Documentation, reports and plans are solely managed and updated by the project managers, reports and status updates are reactive. They are submitted upon request or on timely manner.   Apparently, they perfectly cover planning … Continue reading

REVIEW: IT Project Management: Best of 2009

The best IT project management articles on TechRepublic in 2009 20 cynical project management tips Very ironic yet realistic facts about project management. You’ll enjoy reading them. Agile project management: Estimating the unknown An excellent article to answer the dilemma of budgeting and time-estimating for the entire project, which is taking against agile methodologies as … Continue reading


“At Bayt.com, we had opted to use FDD. While I believe that SCRUM, as all other agile methodologies is excellent in supporting human-oriented software development environment, I continue to believe that it lacks well defined control points (milestones) that are required to track the progress of features implementation. It is clearly focused more on the … Continue reading