REVIEW: IT Project Management: Best of 2009

The best IT project management articles on TechRepublic in 2009

20 cynical project management tips

Very ironic yet realistic facts about project management. You’ll enjoy reading them.

Agile project management: Estimating the unknown
An excellent article to answer the dilemma of budgeting and time-estimating for the entire project, which is taking against agile methodologies as a shortage and unrealistic approach. Very interesting perspective that provokes a lot of idea. I should be blogging something in light of them.

Managing innovative projects: Don’t mistake the map for the journey
Another eye-opener from Rick Freedman . A very interesting reading that ,definitely worths to be on the list, illustrates what project managers should really concentrate on and care about. It also illustrates why Agile approaches are appropriate for creative and inventive projects.

Is your project a real project?
Back to the basics! what distinguish projects from other forms of work. With all respect to the writer and TechRebuplic list compiler. I believe this blog shouldn’t have made it to this list, it’s very basic and it’s found in the first few pages in PMBok

Three reasons to have a post implementation project
Illustrating the scenarios/benefits of planning.conducting post project review. This is a valuable blog, however, I believe  post project review is not the responsibility of the project manager. Using PRINCE2 terminology, The Post Project Review is conducted after the project has completed. It is to evaluate if the Business benefits, as defined in the Business Case were achieved. It is not part of the project or project products. It’s just planned and presented to the Project Board to confirm project closure. Again with all respect, I believer this blog shouldn’t be on this list.

Finally, I believe only 3 out of 5 deserve it to the top of 2009 list. Let me know what do you think

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