REVIEW: One Minute Manager

One Minute Manager is a book that you could finish in one session!  the book is a story-like where a young man is meeting the One Minute Manager, his reports and coworkers to understand the secrets of the One Minute Manager  efficiency. According to the book, One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings and one Minute … Continue reading REVIEW: One Minute Manager

PERSPECTIVE:Changing the vector – Part 1

Knowing nothing about software security, software development methodologies, latest technology trends, web technologies, web protocols or even the most common used web protocol, HTTP. This is the typical computer sciences major graduate in Jordan. He is clueless, lacking practical knowledge and real connections with the practical world. Sadly, finding good fresh graduate candidates in Jordan … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE:Changing the vector – Part 1

PERSPECTIVE: tools change, experience persists

Which programming language do you use to develop applications? A question usually asked by interviewees the first chance they can ask the interviewer for a software development position. Such question, I believe, reflects immaturity and lack of vision and experience. On the other hand, an employer looking for a PHP – or any other specific language – … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE: tools change, experience persists

EVENT: A Step in the thousand mile journey

Time went quickly, this is  how it goes whenever you’re having a nice conversation, and this is how it went with Dr.  Adnan El-Nasan,  Dean Assistant in Hijjawi Faculty of Engineering. Dr. Adnan’s visit to is part of Hijjawi Faculty of Engineering initiative to build relations with businesses. Hijjawi Faculty of Engineering, represented by … Continue reading EVENT: A Step in the thousand mile journey

LINK: Top 25 Dangerous Programming Errors

Do you want to develop secure applications? Do you want to architect secure applications? Are you a security analyst? or interested to do so? Then you cannot miss this link. It is a list of the most dangerous 25 programming errors compiled by over 30 experts from different international organizations concerned with software security.