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Agile operations is about a mindset as much as any technology. Ironically,  the most agile teams that decree agile loudly are really agile from Web Operations


Agile ostensibly focuses on improving communication and the flow of ideas, but when that focus is lost, Agile can become a excuse for falling to communicate, especially at perceived process boundaries. from Web Operations

QUOTATION: Improvement

Too many people and too many organizations are looking for the big-bang approach to improvements. It is important to understand that a succession or series of small, planned increment of improvements will not stress the infrastructure as much and will eventually amount to a large amount of improvement over time ITIL Continual Service Improvement

QUOTATION: analyst!

It is interesting to note the number of job titles for IT professional that contain the word analyst and even more surprising to discover that few of them actually analysis anything ITIL Continual Service Improvement