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QUOTATION: Organization Structure

It is not a good idea to structure the whole organization according to processes. Processes are used to overcome the ‘silo effect’ of departments, not to create silos. From ITIL V3 Service Operation

QUOTATION: On reports and performance

Practical Experience has shown that there is more reporting in dysfunctional organizations than in effective organizations. This is because reports are not being used to initiate a pre-defined plans, but rather: to shift the blame for an incident, to try to find out who is responsible for making decision or as input to creating acting … Continue reading


It is silence about the norm of silence that sustains the norm. If you can’t talk about it, it will never go away. From Influencer:  The Power to Change Anything

QUOTATION: Influence

When you surrender control, you win the possibility of influencing even addictive and highly entrenched behaviours. And you gain access to one of the most powerful human motivations-the power of a committed heart. From Influencer:  The Power to Change Anything

QUOTATION: Overcome Machine-Induced Self-Denial

You can avoid machine-induced self-denial by building a “shared- nothing” architecture. Where that is impractical, apply decoupling middleware to reduce the impact of excessive demand, or make the shared resource itself horizontally scal- able through redundancy and a backside synchronization protocol. You can also design a fallback mode for the system to use when the … Continue reading