TRAINING: ITIL V3 Foundation May 22th-31st, 2011

Time passed very quickly. This is usually the case when you conduct a training to a very excited audience with relevant experience to the training topic.

The ITIL foundation V3 training at STS has just finished. Audience were a very excited group from different governmental institutions and organization.

I have personally leaned much from this experience and hope to have similar audiences in the future.

Thanks to STS and to all  attendees.

11 thoughts on “TRAINING: ITIL V3 Foundation May 22th-31st, 2011

  1. Mohammed Thiab

    Congragulations …. glad to hear that it has gone nice and smooth …

    Looking forward to seeing you soon
    I will be attending the Jordanain Managers/Consultants gathering at Bin Najjar next Saturday 10:00 – 13:00

    Are you coming over there ?

  2. I wish I can do i this Saturday. Inshallah next Saturday I will.

    thanks a lot for your continuous support Mohammad

  3. Ahmed Athamneh

    First of all I appreciate your work in the last course & really I would thank you very much for your kindness as well as the value information we got through the course, so hope you keep in going in your success training and hope to see you soon insha2allah.

  4. Naser Hashhoosh

    The course was very useful and this was because of the big effort from the instructor …….thank you alaa

    1. Thanks a lot Naser, I believe you should be passing the exam very soon. cannot wait to have your call.

  5. Ahmad Awawdeh

    Dear all
    It was very nice to met you all,especially you Ala
    Really the course was very interesting to me,and you do your best.

    Thanks and go ahead Mr.

    1. Highly appreciate your comment. Looking forward to hear that you passed the exam

    2. I highly appreciate it.thanks alot Ahmad and looking forward to hear that you passed the exam very soon

  6. Ammar Awamleh - House of Representatives

    Dear All
    I would like to take this opportunity to express my happiness that i attend this course with you all, and to thank Mr. Ala’ for his Encouraging to every one and exciting and effective way in transfer of knowledge during the course.

    I just pass the exam today, as Ala’ said it was easy to pass, hope that every one pass the exam.

    hope to see you all again.

    1. I am very happy to be hear that.great news. Congratulations and keep it up

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