GUIDE: setting up django on Eclipse on Kubuntu 10.04

To set up django on Eclipse on Kubuntu 10.04, perform the following steps

  1. Install django: installing django is very staright forward and details can be found here
  2. Install Eclipse: Kubuntu is shipped with KPackageKit as package manager, unfortunately, if you tried to install Eclipse using KPackageKit installation of the PyDev (Django Add on for eclipse) will fail. You will keep getting the following error:“The artifact file for, 1.0.400.v201002111343 was not found”to get a cleaner version of Eclipse. get it through Synaptic Package manager (you might need to Install Synaptic first)
  3. Install PyDev:
    1. Open your Eclipse
    2. Go to the update manager (Help > Install New Software)
    3. Add
  4. Set up django: after installation completes
    1. Create new project (File > new prject > ByDev Project
    2. Select project name
    3. Set up the python interpretter. To do so click on “Click her to configure an interpretter not listed”
    4. Click on Auto Config
    5. Eclipse will detect the path for the python interpretter
    6. You areready to go…. right click on your  newly created project and you’ll see “dgango” item add to the context menu.

That’s it! enjoy the great experience

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