GUIDE: setting up django on Eclipse on Windows XP

To setup Django on Eclipse on Windows XP perform the following steps:

  1. Install python V2.7. Make sure not to install V3 as Django is not compatible with this V3
  2. Download django:  Download and extract the latest version of Django (v 1.2.1)
  3. Install Django:
    1. Open the command prompt
    2. Browse to the folder where you’ve extracted Django
      C:\cd Django-1.2.1
    3. Run the setup file
  4. Install Java: Java Run-time Environment machine is a prerequisite to Eclipse. Click here to download JRE. After download is completed run the executable file.
  5. Install Eclipse:  Installation is very straight forward. There is no setup file, all is required is to extract the downloaded archive. click here to download Eclipse classic.
  6. Create workspace: browse to the folder where you installed Eclipse. Click on Eclipse.exe and create a new workspace
  7. Install PyDev:
    1. Open your Eclipse
    2. Go to help -> Install New Software
    3. Add a new source Add
    4. Click Next
    5. Accept the agreement to start installation
    6. In the middle of the the installation you might be asked to accept a security certificate. Accept and proceeds and the security certificate
    7. after installation eclipse will restart

  8. Start your first project:
    1. Create new project (File > new prject > ByDev Project)
    2. Select project name
    3. Set up the python interpretter. To do so click on “Click her to configure an interpretter not listed”
    4. Click new
    5. For interpreter location, browse to the location where you installed  Python, In our example it is C:\Python27\
    6. Select python.exe
    7. After association is completed close all windows

  9. Run the application: right click on the project root. Click Run As -> pydev:Django
  10. Browse to http://localhost:8000

That’s it! enjoy the great experience

7 thoughts on “GUIDE: setting up django on Eclipse on Windows XP

  1. Abdallah Rababah

    Thanks Ala’a for this illustration.

    Really this is great experience

    Thanks again
    Abdallah Rababah

    1. Thanks to you. Hope it worked for you. Enjoy Django and let us see what you can do with it ;)….. I am sure you can do a lot 🙂

  2. Anas

    Thanks a lot Alaa, this is very helpful.
    But I want to add that if you change your path when installing your python, then you need to add the python path before the Django install command like following.

    C:\Django-1.2.1>F:\Python27\python.exe install

    1. 100%.

      The assumption I made is that you always browse to the folder where you’ve installed python.

      Thanks for the clarification

  3. michal

    thanks, great article

  4. satish

    Thank you for given a great experience to me

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