EVENT: GJordan – Day 2

Yesterday I have attended GJordan, my impressions were not really very good.

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

I found that presentations and discussions were really very shallow, and I did not really learned much about new technologies.

That does not definitely means that Google does not have great and exciting technologies and tools, but, I believe it was improper organization.

The second day targeted for students, entrepreneurs and IT and business professionals. This is definitely a wide spectrum the cannot be covered with the same level of presentation and discussions. I meet a lot of university students who were excited hearing about new stuff. However for me there was really nothing new since I do always follow Google technology news . My expectations were really higher, I was not expecting touching the surface of these technologies and products, but to know deeper details.

Most of the serious questions were answered with “we will be working on this”!. Some sessions focused on challenges without really highlighting how Google is planning to overcome these challenges.

For the atmosphere, it was ridiculously cold! this wasn’t my opinion only. I have met multiple people who felt the same. We reached the hotel staff multiple time, but unfortunately without any response.

Finally, the lunch was really not good. We ate a mysterious sandwich! everybody was wondering what are its ingredients!

All in all I believe this event was below what we expect from Google. I was really expecting much more in all aspects

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