TRAINING: ITIL V3 Foundation – East Nets

A very interesting and challenging training that took place last week, with a distinguished group of IT managers and engineers from East Net.

The delegates were really very enthusiastic to learn about ITIL. All discussions and questions reflected very good understanding of the main concepts and terminology, with huge stress on the practical aspects.

Overwhelmed with the discussions, I forgot to take photos for the audience!

Thanks to Amal Abdel-hafeth, Rasha Abdel-jalil, Muhannad Suadi, Khaled Azzuod, Wael Aburrub, Omar Rawashdeh, Memmar Serhan Hazem Kharbat and Majed Abu Zer for giving me this opportunity.

Finally, I am really very proud of the results of the survey. Having an excellent feedback from an experienced and challenging group is a real honor.

Thanks East Nets for this great opportunity and hope to have this experience with your staff again.

9 thoughts on “TRAINING: ITIL V3 Foundation – East Nets

  1. Amal Abdel Hafeth

    Very interesting course, I recommend ITIL training for all managers.

    1. Thanks Amal. Highly appreciated

  2. Rasha AbdelJalil

    The training was organized, well structured, conducted by an experienced trainer. Thank you Ala’a, I really enjoyed the training and I’m looking forward to pass the exam soon Inshala.

    1. I am sure you’ll pass! Go Rasha Go!
      Best of luck

      1. Hazem Kharbat

        Dear Ala’a,

        It was really a useful training. We enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

        Best Regards

        Hazem Kharbat

      2. Thanks Hazem,

        Looking forward to hear that you passed the exam soon J

  3. Majed Yasin Abu Zer

    Dear Ala’a,

    Really It was very useful and interesting training course, it was organized and well structured . You are really an expert trainer. I had enjoyed it very much. And it was my pleasure to meet you.

    As you know I’m looking forward to pass the exam, but really I did not have time and really I am afraid from it.

    Best Regards,

    1. Majid,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words.

      I am 100% sure that you’ll pass. You already got a high score in the sample test papers.

      You’ll need 4 hours to review the material and solve another sample test paper then you’re ready to do…

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