REVIEW: Rework

Image by Mathieu Thouvenin via Flickr

A nice quick reading that is very suitable for small companies, entrepreneurs, and employees stuck in big corporates bureaucracy.

For engineers and developers who are just on board, I believe this book is a must-read.

Though most of the thoughts and ideas makes a lot of sense, I believe some are very specific to signal37 experience and cannot be necessarily generalized and dealt with as rules of thumb.

All in all I have enjoyed reading this book. Below some of the rules that I really liked:

“Start making something”

“Throw less at the problem”

“Interruption is the enemy of productivity”

“Tone is in your finger”

“Meetings are toxic”

“Don’t be a hero”

“Don’t copy”

“Say no by default”

“Don’t confuse enthusiasm with priority”

“Don’t write it down”

“Hire a manager of one”

“Own your bad news”

“They’re not thirteen”

“Send people home at 5”

and “ASAP is poison”

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