REVIEW: Tribal Leadership

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Amazing! really Amazing!

This is the best book I’ve ever read or should I say heard – as I listened to the free audio version.

It is a great insightful, spiritual yet practical book! If you have been in business quite enough, you can relate to every single statement, example and metaphor!

The Idea of the book is very simple. All culture – including business cultures – Falls in one of  5 stages: Life Sucks, My Life Sucks, I am Great, We’re Great and Life’s Great.

The book illustrates the symptoms of each stage and steps you should take to move up the ladder.  You should only focus on the next stage, you cannot jump two steps. Keep in mind, you are not  necessarily in one stage all the time, your culture, as well as, your tribe culture is usually  tiding.

The book have big emphasis on stage 3 as it dominates most work spaces. At stage 3  everybody believes he is great and others not. Knowledge means power, sharing information is not a good idea and all relations are diodes.  Getting out of stage 3 is the hard. It needs what it called “Epiphany” – a sudden awakening call – that what you’re doing is not enough or is not really great.

After then, the book concentrates on stage 4, what makes We’re Great stage and what are things to keep into mind. Stages 1, 2 and 5 are also covered, however with less emphasis.

All in all, I believe the book is really amazing, it is really an eye-opener. Assuming I am in stage 3, I believe reading it might be my Epiphany to move to stage 4!






2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Tribal Leadership

  1. Dave Logan

    Thanks for your review!

    1. Not at all!
      Thanks a lot Dave for you and your colleagues for this great book.

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