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REVIEW: Tribes- We Need you to Lead us

Another nice piece from Seth Godin. Last week I heard this book at once during my flight to Oman. The book is really very interesting, inspiring and the same time very realistic. I really like the part where Seth Godin differentiates between the “Factory” and the “Tribe” mentality. But what I really liked most is … Continue reading

TIP: Market your mistakes!

TIP: Market your mistakes!

Usually, when one make a mistake at work,  the first thing s/he thinks about  is how s/he can hide this from his/her manager. right? From my humble experience, I usually think about it differently: How can I tell my manager about this. Strange? Not really, telling your manager about your mistakes is the best thing … Continue reading

QUOTATION: Influence

When you surrender control, you win the possibility of influencing even addictive and highly entrenched behaviours. And you gain access to one of the most powerful human motivations-the power of a committed heart. From Influencer:  The Power to Change Anything


Real change rarely comes from the front of the line. It happens from the middle or even the back. Real change happens when feels like a risk. People follow because they want to, not because you can order them to. From Linchpin

QUOTATION: Uderstanding Human Nature

If you accept that human beings are difficult to change, and embrace (rather than curse) the uniqueness that everyone brings to the table, you’ll navigate the world with more bliss and effectiveness. And make better decisions, too. From Linchpin

TIP: Capture The Real Value

TIP: Capture The Real Value

Most of the time, we compare the work we perform with our salary, and we limit our effort, dedication to excellence and learning to salary, assuming that doing more  or better is really a waste of time, effort and resources. After all you do not want your employer to get advantage of you. Is this … Continue reading